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Guide To Learning How To Play Guitars

Are you now interested in learning to play the guitar? Finally, you own the instrument and want to embark on the journey of playing it. Their many resources that one can use like music theory books for guitar, a guitar tutor who shows you how to do it or learning by yourself. Well below is a beginner’s guide specifically for you to assist in learning.

How To Play Guitars

Tuning your guitar

This is the first step to learning how to play the guitar. It involves adjustment of the six strings on thedhdhashahaahah instrument.They are E-A-D-G-B-E. E is known as the first string and the others follow in that successive order. You can use an electric tuner to get your string into tune. This is the fastest and the easiest way for beginners. Another way of tuning is by playing each string and listening with your ears. This is for the pros that have quite an experience with guitar playing. Always start by tuning string E going upwards.

How to hold a guitar

You may see it as ridiculous that you have to learn how to hold a guitar. However, this is an important part of your guitar mastery skills. While sitting down (mostly for rock, folk and blues), you should rest the guitar on its waist on your right lap, hold the body with your right hand and use the left hand to hold the neck. For left-handed people, the hand roles will have to change. If you want to play while standing (mostly for electric guitars), you use the guitar straps to hold it in position and use your right and left hands to play.

Start by strumming

As the name suggests, this is a quick succession of running your fingers across the strings. You may produce some melody but do not be worried that you may not know what you are playing. You will get better with time.

Learning to play the chords

Open chords are the next step to learning how to play the guitar. It is called open because at least one of the strings is left open. You should refer to chord diagrams to know where to place your fingers.

Taking care of your guitar

It is not all about playing your guitar; you should also learn how to take care of it. The body, neck and strings should be regularly cleaned to prevent oil and dust. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the string. A clean cloth should be able to take care of the body. Keep your guitar safe when you are not playing.

Always remember, with practice you get better

You will not learn to play the guitar in a day, a week or even a month. To be perfect, you will have to be patient. Learn a different thing every day. Keep practicing and you will gradually get better. Those favorite guitarists you admire did not wake up one day and they could string out the melody; it took them time and practice. You too could get there if only you keep up with the practice.

Bottom line

zjxjxjsjssjsjsLearning to play the guitar is not easy. But as long as you will be persistent, patient and open to learning; it will be as easy as a piece of cake. Just use these guide to learning how to play guitars and other resources and you shall have your desire. Practice, practice and practice; that is your key to learning how to play guitars.…